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David is dangerous.
This morning I almost fell off my treadmill watching Style by Jury. He is HILARIOUS!!!
I LOVE the show and especially seeing David because I KNOW I will be ROFL.
I thought I would email the producers of Style by Jury to let them know that this David
person really needs to have his own show.
While on line I saw that he is quite accomplished -
"ELLE Magazine, Glow Magazine, Clin d'oeil, Grand Magazine, Lou Lou Magazine, JudyINK.com and many others." etc etc etc.
I guess I am not surprised!
David Clemmer ROX!!!!!!!
Brenda - in hip deep snow Manitoba!!

Hi David,
We're two Dutch girls and your biggest fans. We always watch Style by Jury and we think you're the best part of the show. There's nobody as funny and enthousiastic as you on Style by Jury!
We can tell you there are a lot of people in the Netherlands who are in desperate need of styling advice. That's why we came up with a great idea: The David Clemmer Show! A live television show in which you give your professional advice to bad-dressing people. We hope you like our idea and that you will carry out this wonderful idea soon in the Netherlands!!!
Audrie (14) & Elza (14)

Hi David.
I am from the Netherlands and am a big fan of yours! I always look with my mother to Style By Jury, we think you rock it.
Please continue to live long in that program.

My name is Paulien, aged 42 and I live in Woerden, the Netherlands.  I thought I'd drop you a few short lines in the hopes that you will read this email personally.
For a while now the show 'Style by Jury' has been aired in the Netherlands and I must say I love to watch it!  Especially the shopping sessions and fashion advice you have for the candidates. What I like about it is that you are always positive towards the candidates and will always try to emphasize the good parts of their body, rather than making comments such as he/she should lose weight or is too big, I can appreciate that!  I also like your sense of humor.  We have fashion stylists in the Netherlands too, but instead of trying to make a candidate feel or look better, they often tell them that they should try to get into a supermodel-size and let's face it; that is not what ordinary people look like.
What I really regret is that we were in Toronto in 2009, but since the show was not on the air yet, I hadn’t heard of you!  If I had, I may have tried to come over and meet you.  I have lost 28 kgs. over the past 5 months and I would have loved to be in Canada/Toronto to go shopping with you, not only for a good laugh but indeed to get some advice on what kind of clothing is okay for me to wear now.  I find it difficult to pick clothes because I still tend to take 'oversized' clothes to cover up a (big) body. 
This may be a silly question, but have you ever written a book on guidelines for what (not) to wear for certain shapes of bodies? I hope you'll have (and if so, can you please let me know the tittle so I can order one from abroad) and if you have not done sofar, could you please consider to do so?
Thank you for making such a nice show; I hope many more will follow and good luck with your activities within your own company.  Just know that your efforts, your humor and your stylish advice are highly appreciated, even on the other side of the ocean.  I wish you a very happy, healthy and fashionable 2011.
With warm regards,

Hey David,
I just wanna to say you are soooooooooo hot!! LOL!!
I live in Amsterdam and the show Style by Jury is broadcasting now and I watched it for the first time. I think you're the best in that show! ;)
I've send a picture of me with this email. If you have any advice about styling or something else let me know!!

Dear Mr. Clemmer,
I think you are an amazing person. I particularly love your work on Style by Jury where I first became familiar with you. You seem so down to earth and practical, but at the same time posh, stylish, and cutting edge. You just make it work!
I'm a huge fan, both of your personality and talent. I would love to have an autographed picture of you. You are an inspiration to all women, of all ages. I would be proud to have your visage placed on my personal "Star Hall of Fame".
Best wishes for your continuing success. I know that millions of women are so thankful that you are, in some way, a great influence in their lives.
Thank you for being you! You are an absolute pleasure to watch!
Kalina C

Hi David,
My name is Patrick. I'm a big fan of your work on "Style by Jury". I'm coming up to my third anniversary with my betrothed Stephanie on September 14th, 2009. I met her when I cast her in a short film I was making. I’m not sure it that constitutes "stocking" or not.
Stephanie is a business woman as well as an actress, and over the past three years I've been working on putting the business woman in the closet and bringing out the sexy playful woman that has been starved in past years.
She loves what you do and said as much while watching the last episode. I’m not sure if it was a hint or a passing comment. You never can tell with these crafty creatures, but I thought I would contact you and see if you would take her shopping!
 Like my dear mother always said, "If you don't ask, you don't get”.
Continued success,
Patrick M

Hi David.
I would like to know if you provide a consulting service outside of Style by Jury.  I'm a fan of Style by Jury and have always liked the way you put together outfits. I particularly like how you style by body type.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Sue N

Greetings David,
My name is Di and I write from Australia. I am a huge fan of the show Style by Jury and particularly of your work.
My reason for writing is firstly to say what a great job you do. Secondly I am currently pitching to a cosmetics company here in Australia to run a series of seminars for women called "Falling in Love with Your Self and Your life". The seminars will be running hopefully around the country and may then be filmed. (Currently I run my own business and this incorporates learning how fabulous we already are.
I would like to know if you may be able to supply me with any data on how beneficial your involvement with the show has been to your business. The companies I am talking to will want to know what are the benefits are? I would like your opinion.
Like your work- sometimes we all need a little help to bring out our best selves.
I do realize you must be very busy, but if you have any time I would really appreciate hearing from you.

Hi David,
Your "cut-throat" style on the show has made it very entertaining to watch. With your edginess, I believe it has made Style by Jury a hit. You have done some excellent work on getting people on the right style track. Keep up the great work.
I'll keep tuned for upcoming episodes.
M. B.

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